Hip Hop & Breakdance

Hip Hop and Breakdance are true all-American dance forms. These styles originated in American neighborhoods with a culture and style all their own…and we embrace it all.

With over 3000 square feet of dance floor, and 3 studios, our Hip Hop and Breakdance programs have the space they need to move and groove.

Our veteran instructors are Hip Hop and Breakdance professionals, who make safety and strengthening their top priority. Hip Hop is super fun, versatile & creative, and is a great way to let personalities shine on and off the stage. Breakdance training develops incredible core strength, which allows dancers to move with ease & execute gravity-defying tricks.

The music for our classes is curated by our own in-house professional, DJ Groundstar, so our dancers always move to the most cutting-edge & sought after tunes around. Our Breakdance and Hip Hop classes are designed for all levels and capabilities. We are here to inspire the next generation of dancers.

Hop Hop Breakdancing at Studio 10
Studio 10 Dance Rory Pete Hip Hop and Breakdance instructor